Using Storage Heaters

Here is more help from the busted Flat app
We had some tenants and landlords recently talking about how they found it helpful. In this case tenants had moved into the apartment in Summer. As a result they did not use the heating system. This is a storage heating system. But as evenings turn chill , well naturally they need a bit of heat. Now if anyone reading this has ever looked at a storage heater, the user interface, is, to say the least, less than helpful!
But hey they remembered the how to section in the app. They looked it up and the exact model of heater was recorded there with a link to the manufacturers guide on how to use each of the heaters in the apartment. One of the heaters in the bedroom has a pin clock and even that user video was in the app.
Well done to property data minders. Your information as knowledge when you need it, where you need it.

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