Using your house- management of cleaning

So today we talk about a sensitive subject.


Many property owners and many tenants disagree on this key area.

Define Clean

So what is the definition of a clean property? Some say it is visually clean, no obvious signs of dirt on walls, floor, light switches. No dust to be found in corners and everything generally neat and tidy. Property and its contents in good order with everything in a place and a place for everything.

Clean teenagers in the house

Of course that does not usually apply to teenagers. If you are lucky enough to have teenagers in your property then their rooms are usually covered in clothes, piled high on the floor, often cups of coffee, sweet wrappings and all kinds of tissues thrown around.

ugh, now not all teenagers are like that but sometimes the need to clean is not high on their priorities.

Factory properties have clean rooms

Of course in a factory where there are clean rooms this standard is clean. Everyone suits up to go in, there is ar pressure differential to keep dust out, all the air is filtered and scrubbed! But can you live there?

I often wondered how clean is a spaceship. Answers below please!

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