Tenants idea of a perfect landlord!

What a good question- a perfect landlord? One former student, now a mature lady, recently commented to me that in her student home she once had a perfect landlord managing their property. I’ll try to let her use her own words
He was great, a man of about 65, completely soft eyes. A terrible gruff manner, as if he was trying to make us think he was really tough. But we could see through him. I remember the first inspection. He rang to make the appointment for a Saturday evening. I mean we had a mega party planned. So we told him we were out of town at a studyathon. That we had found this remote former seminary that ran weekends where all you did was study , eat and sleep. AS we listened to ourselves talk about it later we actually began to believe it ourselves!
But anyway that moved it to a Tuesday. That was the best chance. We usually ran out of food on a Monday so the fridge was easy to clean for Tuesday plus we had got all our clothes washed and dried on the Monday, so the radiators were visible.

So along he came anyway on Tuesday as asked. We ahd the kettle on and sat him down in the kitchen as soon as he came in. We couldn’t let him sit in sitting room as the boys had put a massive pyramid of bottles on the glass coffee table at the weekend- over 300 bottles, which is pretty amazing- but it broke under the weight and there was no table and probably lots of glass still about
So we gave him Berry tea and the back rent we owed him and he left as happy as Larry. That to us is the perfect Landlord.

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