Tenants idea of a perfect landlord!

What a good question- a perfect landlord? One former student, now a mature lady, recently commented to me that in her student home she once had a perfect landlord managing their property. I’ll try to let her use her own words He was great, a man of about 65, completely soft eyes. A terrible gruff[…]



Once again a row breaks out about giving resident association volunteers releif or waiver from payment of service charges. One side says all pay and volunteer is a volunteer Other says, I do lots of work and I also have to pay!! whats that about? So whats to be done? Have a meeting of property[…]


Letting without back ground check

This still happens, the most charming tenant completely hoodwinks an owner with fake references, and simple lies. The wonderful tenant moves in and the trouble begins. We can never stoop suggesting that you check, check and check again. Use a professional agent, one that is local and experienced and licenced. They are your saviour if[…]

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