September 3, 2016


The property app that you can register for here also contains a useful reminder service.

Setting up a reminder

    It has a dual function reminder. Which sounds complicated but it is not.
    The first one is about reminders set by contract expiry dates. So Electricity Gas etc will all show up with reminders for when the contract is up. Allowing you to get on the blower and get anew contract in place before they gouge you with a price hike.
    The second major function of reminders is to, guess what remind you of tasks. Yes, things like gutter cleaning, chimney sweeping, boiler service. All these should be done on an annual basis. Yet who can remember?
    How many times did the boiler technician tell you that the boiler is filthy, it must be years since it was serviced. Or the better half complain the the water was flowing down the walls from the gutters.
    You know what I mean.
    Save yourself some property grief and expense

So simple enough, just bung in the date and name of the reminder and it is there for you! A couple of seconds to enter it and we mind that information for you. Avoiding busted boilers and overflowing gutters. We won’t even mention chimney fires or the earful from the better half

Busted Flat your property app where we mind your property data for you. So come along , register here and get set up!

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