Reminders and to-dos

There is a complete reminders area on the Property Data Minders app. It presents you a simple schedule of what you are to do next regarding your property.

Saving money

    For most of us with a single property it will show a dozen or more tasks. Unless you are like one of our customers who records when the door handles are due to be re shined. A bit extreme but definitely organised.
    For most of us key information comes from the service providers section. As you set up your electricity, gas and other accounts you enter the annual contract date. This then triggers a reminder when the anniversary of the contract occurs. You can then go and price the product.

    Switch Electricity supplier

Lets take electricity as a specific example. You set up your data that you are with Energia and contract starts on September 1st. The software schedules a reminder for you to check out prices on the anniversary. Great sites like will do the price compare for you. Your property app tells you what you contracted to pay. You can check are there better offers- and often there are, Then you can call directly, open your property app and you have all you need to switch on line. You have your MPRN, your account number, all right there in your app.
Bang them into the form or just call them out to the switch agents and hey presto, account switched, and you keep on saving the money.

No more rooting for paper or emails

    A great simple application. Remember the old days. You know that it may be a year since contract ran out , you read that the suppliers jack up rates once the contract period is over. You feel, ugh, I’m getting shafted here again but I remember the hassle the last time- getting all those numbers. If you don’t move at the right time, you are losing money. That continues every day as the supplier rips you off. All for the sake of the phone call and 10 minutes research. Money is lost for the sake of using your property app and your phone. Both are in your hand! You can do it from anywhere. So make the ten minutes, get your stuff in to property app and get it done.
    Watch the video on to see more!
    Your property app, one of the ways it helps you manage your properties and saves you money.

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