August 8, 2016

Our App

So you own property. You thought that would be simple! Sadly it is not and as  all my friends and fellow property owners tell me- it is anything but simple. Well that’s why we have created the Busted Flat App.

You know all those numbers! Yes, I mean MPRN, Insurance policy, Guarantees, PRTB numbers, Contacts for plumbers etc. Those numbers. Lots of them and never to be found when you want them.

Well that is the point of  the Busted Flat App. We store all your numbers for you! Simple. Clean.

appIn your hand, on your tablet, on your PC. Wherever you are.

So no more bits of paper or ringing trying to find out what is your account number. No more embarrassing moments when you ring someone and they start off by asking you what is your account number. Or even worse when an automated machine hangs up on you because you didn’t key it in on their command. That makes my blood boil.

So now they are all here. In your hand. Forever; well as long as you pay us the annual fee.

Plus a host of more things that will delight you and more to come.

Plus lots more. Register here!

John Atkinson

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