Landlords’ idea of a great Landlord

“I can tell you I am so patient.”

That was how the landlord began his tale of property and his tenants. Go on! Yes, I once had a couple renting a beautiful house from me. Both doctors. Both highly qualified, highly intelligent. But wow they could not keep house.

Every day something was wrong. They were quite amazing, looked at the house on a Wednesday, (we were redoing some rooms). They wanted it and would take it immediately if they could move in on Friday night. Now this was an unfurnished house. This was Wednesday. They were living 180km away. They were starting work – yes both of them- in a new job on the Monday. I should have guessed.

Both worked very long hours, both were about 27 to 29 years old. Not kids but not old either. So I rented the house to them. A deposit paid by transfer on the spot and 2 months rent. It was only 6 months contract tenancy with a short term lease.

They moved in. 2 big vans. Then I saw the problem. 4 cats and two dogs. Yikes, I jumped on the lease in my property app, but dear oh dear, I had not mentioned pets. I mean who thinks of pets with a young couple working 18 hours a day. Not me.

So that is when it kicked off. Neighbours not happy, dogs howling, getting out and running around. 2 of the cats were playing games climbing curtains after 2 days.

So anyway, like the good landlord I am, I let them stay the full 6 months then got a crew in to clean up the mess, new curtains, thank heavens it was unfurnished. It cost them full deposit plus €1500. I am very patient I am, most others would have thrown them out or spend €5000 on new curtains. But that would not be a good landlord.

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