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How to use your white goods!

    This is so useful for so many tenants and landlords.
    The app offers you the ability to save the details of the actual equipment that you have in your property. Model numbers, date of purchase, the guarantee and all the other information about it.
    But even more important is the “how to” video. This is the best and most informative feature if you are a tenant, a letting agent or a landlord.
    What is the “how to” video?

    The app will store for you the video clip of how to use the equipment. This is best if it is one from the manufacturer. This is far and away the most reliable. Then whenever you access your property you can see the actual equipment being used properly and a guide for it.
    Many tenants tell me this is a godsend. Before they would be calling landlords and asking how do I do that. Landlords tell me of all the broken items because people simply use the equipment wrong. One man lost the washing machine door because tenant thought it was stuck a the end of the cycle when it was actually just on a 60 second time lock. Imagine the cost and inconvenience of that! All for a bit of information
    We all know that everyone likes to take in information when they want it and video is the perfect way.
    So just with a link to the video from the manufacturer about your property equipment will make sure that happens

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