Access Codes

We just had a call from a person wanting to share their information with their son, who was stuck in a house with an alarm ringing. While they gave them to code they know that it will crop up again, plus there are a few other things that the som will need in the house for the couple of weeks that he is there.
A wonderful thing about the property app is that it can share your information with who ever you request, and at no extra cost. All charges are based on the property so if you have 4 then it is 4 fees , if you have 2 houses then it is two fees (€100 per year).

Information selection
You can also select what information to share. In this case the owner said give the same information as a tenant would see. So this allow access codes and how to videos to be available. Easy peasy. IF you want to change this then the owner drops a line to us, we verify the id and a few moments later it is accessible.

This is a very powerful feature of the app and is used by many people in many different ways.

You are in control
If you are the executor of an estate then you may need to give your lawyer access to app so that they can pick up all the details needed of a house or apartment going through probate.
A landlord may want to give a letting agent access to the information and be able to see BER certs etc etc

What else can you use the information for!

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