Busted Flatters

Have you got what it takes to be a Busted Flatter?


Simple really, we want to solve the problem of all the numbers that are found with ownership or rental of properties.

Buying your area

We are looking for guys and girls to be Busted Flatters in County Wexford initially and then nationwide.


Move quick, the areas are on a first come first served basis! and when they are gone they are gone!


All busted flatters should be aware that we offer a full refund of any money you pay us that you do not earn back.

Paying too much for services? Click here to see how we can help.

About Us

A fantastic practical and useful App to assist you to manage your properties.

Just a note to tell you what we are about.

We have been working with property for over a decade now and understand the needs of owners and landlords. We should we have heard enough tales of woe! For this venture we use the name “busted flat” as it is the first two words of the song, “me and Bobby McGee” Which we like. But that is not as important as the site here and the APP.

So take a look at our videos here and follow the call to action!

John Atkinson


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